Week 2

Women Vote 2012

Elizabeth Gordon

Global Issues in Design and Visuality in the 21st Century

Section: Cope

Global Now: Abstract

Headline:  Women Vote 2012 Summits

Date:  6/26/2012

Source:  USA TODAY

Abstract:  With the arrival of the Democratic National Convention, there has been much anticipation for Michelle Obama to speak about her husband. This made me look into what the Democratic Party is doing to reach out to the women voters. I found the USA TODAY article about women vote summits to be very interesting. The democrats set up summits to appeal to women voters in influential states. It is interesting to me the way in which the campaign markets differently to women and men as well as people of different economic status. The summits aim to appeal to a wide range of women voters. The campaign has carefully picked a panel consisting of Democratic strategists as well as celebrity endorsers such as Eva Longoria, Natalie Portman, and Alicia Keys. These panels have been designed to educate women voters so that they can make an informed decision, favoring the democrats, come election time. However, by including celebrities on the panel, the summit will attract attention from people who may not have been interesting if it had not been for the endorsement. The campaign for the Women’s Vote is carefully designed with graphics and speakers to attract attention and reach the influential women voters.

Link:  http://content.usatoday.com/communities/theoval/post/2012/06/obama-campaign-to-hold-women-voter-summits/1

Global Issue:  Women’s Rights, Presidential Race

Primary Design Lens:  Communication Design

Secondary Design Lens:  Design for Change


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