Week 2

Help Solve the Next Outbreak

Global Issues in Design and Visuality in the 21st Century
Kyle Barber
Section: Cope
Global Now: Abstract
Headline: Help Solve the next outbreak-Playing an online game
Date: 9/4/2012
Source: Popular Mechanics

Abstract: When I was browsing across the headlines of all my usual favorite news sources, i found one topic in the news which peaked my interests in another way; Now while I am not normally drawn to the health section this story had the one thing that would lure me in, a game. “Foldit” to be exact, a game by the co-authors of a paper describing an HIV protein that they had been able to puzzle out its shape in a matter of only three weeks. With their creation of an online, multiplayer game in which the users undertake the task of protein folding,one of the hardest computational task in biology, which is now opened up to the public, in which millions of users can collaborate in their current task, a protein that can bind and stop a flu virus.
Link: http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/health/breakthroughs/help-solve-the-next-outbreak-by-playing-an-online-game-11000800
Global Issue: Health and collaboration facilitated by globalization
Primary Design Lens: Interaction design
Secondary Design Lens: Design for Change


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