Week 2

Samsung Needs to Copy Apple Design Culture

Global Issues in Design and Visuality in the 21st Century

Ethan Yoon

Section: Cope

Global Now: Abstract

Heading: Verdict Shows Samsung Needs to Copy Apple Design Culture: Tech

Date:  09/03/2012

Date:  09/03/2012

Source:  Bloomberg

Abstract:  Although this news is just a few days old, it seems like this (controversial or predicted) court trial is very old news.  As most of the people would know by now, Samsung notoriously “stole” and “abused” six of Apple’s patents.  Surprisingly enough, all of these violated patents were based on design and design interface technology.  However, it is considered a fact by now in the technology world that Samsung has stronger technology knowledge than that of Apple’s.  In fact, the combination of Samsung’s hardware Google’s Android software system is much more powerful.  Furthermore, Samsung develops their own technology unlike how Apple outsources the technological aspects to multiple smaller companies.  Now that Samsung owes Apple more than $1 billion, and even banned from selling their previous products, I think that Apple is in more trouble rather than Samsung.  Like I said above, Samsung has the superior technology, and the only drawback is the “plagiarized” design.  If Samsung succeeds in creating its own unique design culture, Apple won’t stand a chance.  I am very positive that Samsung will come up with a new design that won’t violate any of Apple’s patents.  Furthermore, imagine that a cooperation like Samsung decides to create a new branch company that focuses on designing electronics, just like Apple.

Another point I wanted to add shortly was that the juries made their decisions solely based on what they saw visually.  Despite Samsung’s superior and unique technology, it seemed like the juries did not care much.  I believe that this unfortunately is a clear example of how people react more to the visual design rather than the phone itself.  The future phase of the electronics war ironically will depend on the outlooks of the machine rather than the ability of them.


Link:  http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-09-03/verdict-shows-samsung-needs-to-copy-apple-design-culture-tech.html

Global Issue:  Technology, Design, Patent

Primary Design Lens:  Technology

Secondary Design Lens:  Design for Change


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