Week 2

What’s So Special About Hysan Place?

Headline: What’s So Special About Hysan Place?

Date: September 6th 2012

Source: By Tim Cheng – Hong Kong Tatler .com


Hysan Place, the newly built mall in the heart of Hong Kong’s highly congested shopping area, is the first of its kind dedicated to using interaction and interior design to improve the quality of shopping environment for its customers. Shopping malls in Hong Kong are poorly designed and share the same problems: overcrowding and the sense of claustrophobia. The mall has a centralized restaurant booking system where reservations from all restaurants can be booked, managed and checked through large interactive panels that are installed on each level throughout the mall. The system solves the problem of customers’ tendency to overcrowd outside restaurants and allows people to feel more relaxed, a state of mind that is rare to find in the busy metropolitan. The structure of the mall ensures that sunlight directly passes through every floor, giving the illusion of feeling spacious and comfort.

Link: http://hk.asiatatler.com/design/architecture/what-s-so-special-about-hysan-place

Global Issue: Interactive Design improving problems of overcrowding, Architectural and Interior Designs improving ventilation of the area and sense of claustrophobia

Primary Design Lens: Interaction Design, Architecture, and Interior Design

Secondary Design Lens: Design for Change


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