Week 2

Become a Global Citizen! (and get tickets)

Global Issues in Design and Visuality in the 21st Century

Rowan Smith-SpanierGlobal Festival
Date: 9/7/2012
Source: UNICEF publicity email

At first glance, the proffered invitation to “become a global citizen” sounds quite grand and for a moment I fancied that I had found the site that could unite us all and place me in the appealing role of benefactor or individual with the power and means to make a difference. I was further impressed by the 18,000 self-less americans who registered for this opportunity to help solve the most pressing issues of today. However it soon became clear that the actual opportunity was to accumulate points by sitting through brief videos detailing all the most pertinent global issues, which would then allow you to obtain tickets to a concert with Neil Young and the Foo Fighters. It is sad to think that the only way to engage the american public in larger global issues outside their immediate personal lives requires the promise of some prize or reward. It seems we must be cajoled and bribed in order to even feign a fleeting interest in these issues. Awarding them badges and points for their capacity to sit through a 2 minute clip about human sex trafficking and then holding a concert for said “global citizens” seems ignorant, and inconsequential to the actually issues and simply allows us to enjoy a great show under the comforting illusion that we have contributed or changed something in the world.
Link: http://globalfestival.com
Global Issue: Class/Regional Indifference
Primary Design Lens: Event Publicity Design
Secondary Design Lens: Designing Global awareness


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