Week 3

Does clever package design mean much more than being only sustainable?

Anjana Singhwi
Section: Julianna Cope

Global Now: Abstract

Headline: Does clever package design mean much more than being only sustainable?
Date: 9/13/2012
Source: Article by Ted Mininni

This is the very cleverly designed package for Puma
by Yves Behar, an industrial designer. Shoe boxes
account for millions of tons of waste. It took the 21
months to come up with a solution. Redesigning this
shoe box has proven to be successful because it cut
material and shipping costs. It brought down use of
cardboard by 65% and saved 20 million mega joules
of electricity. This shoe box serves three purposes.
1. Perfectly encases the shoes.
2. Serves the purpose of a shopping bag.
3. Can be used a storage container.

We see so many products that claim to be eco-friendly and sustainable because they use
recycled paper. But the question is how long can we make the product last? The drawback of
puma shoe box is that it is made of plastic but that is countered by the fact that it is made to be

Link: http://popsop.com/57923
Global Issue: Globalization
Primary Design Lens: Communication Design
Secondary Design Lens: Package design


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