Week 3

Estethica, inside the sustainable side of London Fashion Week. (Melanie N)



Date:  9/13/2012

Source:  http://www.fibre2fashion.com/news/fashion-news/newsdetails.aspx?news_id=115675

Abstract:  In the past several years, the fashion industry has faced intensifying criticism about its environmental footprint and has once again reacted both on a brand level, with many brands establishing their own sustainability commitments and strategies. For the thirteenth consecutive season, Estethica, founded by the British Fashion Council (BFC), will be promoting sustainable fashion at The Exhibition at London Fashion Week (LFW). Housed in the newly renovated West Wing of Somerset House it will showcase 15 designer’s S/S 13 collections, from 14th – 18th September 2012. “The term “Sustainability” is being discussed for almost a decade now but its explicit and all-round intervention in the field of Fashion is a recent one. Its relevance in the Fashion industry is because of the highly unsustainable nature of this industry. Fashion Industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. It is the second largest water-consumer of all the industries of the world.” 1

 Estethica designers have been chosen for their design excellence and commitment to working in a sustainable way. All designers adhere to at least one of the key Estethica principles of fair trade and ethical practice in the production process; the inclusion of organic fibres and the use of up-cycled and recycled fabrics and materials.

Global Issue: Sustainable Fashion

Primary Design Lens: Fashion Design

Secondary Design Lens:  Sustainability/Environmental design


1 http://www.fibre2fashion.com/industry-article/24/2335/towards-sustainable-fashion–computer-technology-integration-for-a-green-fashion-value-chain1.asp


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