Week 3

How Would You Like Your Chicken? Drugged?

Date: 9/3/12

Headline: Farm Use of Antobiotics Defies Scrutiny

Source: NY Times


Chickens are now catching a germ resistant to many types ofantibiotics. This brings up the issue of over-use of antibiotics in agriculture. The FDA has no way of regulating or keeping track of the use of antibiotics on farm animals, and agriculture is the biggest user of antibiotics. Even more so than people. Antibiotics are used on the animals to encourage growth and there is no regulation to how they are used. This issue brings up the question of immunity as well as care for these animals. Since the animals are kept in such close quarters with so many others, when a disease is spread, every single one gets it. And it also makes these diseases less susceptible to being cure by the antibiotics. 


Global issue: Health

Primary design lens: Medicine

Secondary design lens: Farming


One thought on “How Would You Like Your Chicken? Drugged?

  1. Wow, this is very scary. I saw just few minutes of a documentary called “Food Inc.” on Netflix a few weeks back and I was astonished of what I saw. This goes along with what Timo was saying, “making the ‘making’ visible.” A lot of products are made out of the view of the public, and most of the time the public really doesn’t want to know as long as it’s still available to them in stores, especially when it comes to animals. I believe that consumers do car about how animals are farmed but when it affects the cost, they/we chose to turn the other cheek.

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