Week 3

Interstate Forms Social Barrier


Elizabeth Gordon

Section: Cope


Global Now: Abstract



Headline:  Interstate forms social barrier by dividing New Orleans into social classes

Date:  September 10, 2012

Source:  Metropolis Magazine

Abstract: Interstate I-10 in New Orleans is seen as poor design as it hardly improves traffic. CNU named the interstate number five on their list of “Freeways without Futures”. I-10 has formed a social barrier in New Orleans separating two economic classes. Students from Tulane were assigned the task of designing the fate of I-10. Some students left the structure and converted it into social spaces while other students tore down the structure completely. One thing most of the students felt that I-10’s real problem is that it serves this social barrier. They worked to design urban plans that would remove the barrier turning the space into a uniting structure rather than segregating. The president and CEO of CNU is lobbying for the transformation of I-10 however the real question is what will the turnpike be turned into that will undo the separation the freeway has caused in New Orleans?


Link: http://www.metropolismag.com/story/20120910/dividing-line

Global Issue:  Hierarchy, Values

Primary Design Lens:  Urban Planning

Secondary Design Lens:  Design for Change


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