Week 2

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Global Now

Headline: Got Twitter?

You’ve Been Scored

Date: 9/25/2011

Source: The New York



Is social media really

trying to take over our lives, make decisions for us, and keep a generation online? “IMAGINE a world in which we are assigned a number that indicates how influential we

are. This number would help determine whether you receive a job, a hotel-room upgrade

or free samples at the supermarket. If your influence score is low, you don’t get the

promotion, the suite or the complimentary cookies. This is not science fiction. It’s

happening to millions of social network users. If you have a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

account, you are already being judged — or will be soon. Companies are in the process

of scoring millions, eventually billions, of people on their level of influence — or in the

lingo, rating “influencers.” Yet the companies are not simply looking at the number of

followers or friends you’ve amassed. Rather, they are beginning to measure influence in

more nuanced ways, and posting their judgments — in the form of a score — online.” Our

generation is essentially living online. This is shaping our culture. In lesson no. 9 in this

weeks reading, Anne Balsamo writes about our Techno-culture shaping the world we live

in and now with scoring, it could potentially flip the way we are viewed not be a personal

standpoint, but from what your online standpoints are.

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/26/sunday-review/26rosenbloom.html?_r=1

Global Issue: Technology invasion of privacy/ social justice

Primary Design Lens: Interaction Design

Secondary Design Lens: Design for technoculture


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