Week 3

Man turns Mitsubishi Eclipse to Lamborghini Reventon.

Jessica Yuen

Headline: Ukrainian man turns Eclipse into quasi-Reventon

Date: September 13th 2012

Source: By Zach Bowman – Autoblog.com




 Using nothing but some very impressive fabrication skills, some sheet metal and his ingenuity, a Ukrainian man turned his budget Japanese cruiser into an homage to the Lamborghini Reventon. Turning a $2000 car, which looks basically a piece of trash metal, into a reventon,the 2009 models cost about 1.6 Million, one guy, no help from the factory, built from scratch. Very impressive, is it worth it? Now we are back to the debate of what people think about “fakes”, some people dont care, its the same material, same shape, everything is exactly the same, what’s the point of going into the real store to buy the real purse? Some people on the other hand stands strong on copy rights, what they value, and their status, what it means to buy the real thing. Anyway,  this project turned out far cleaner than other Lamborghini tributes people have seen, but a real lambo is still a real lambo, its everything a super car fan desire. 


Link: http://www.autoblog.com/2012/09/09/ukrainian-man-turns-eclipse-into-quasi-reventon/

Global Issue: Values

Primary Design Lens: Car/ product design

Secondary Design Lens: Design and technology


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