Week 3

sustainable fashion; Lilia Yip Spring 13 collection

Jia Seung

Section: Cope

Headlines: Lilia Yip Mirror masque Spring 13 Collection

Date: Aug 24 2012

Source: Trendland.com


Lilia Yip is a Singaporean designer based in Brighton, UK. For her MirrorMasque collection she uses asymmetric abstract cuts and digital art combined with a thorough understanding of how to make fabric drape, flow and move with the body. She is a big supporter of local UK manufacturers, small business and uses only sustainable and natural materials like organic cotton, bamboo, silk and wool. Lilia was inspired by a surreal film by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean about a girl who feels trapped in her life with a circus and longs to escape.  The collection explores the relationship between masks, freedom and hair.

She only use sustainable materials to create her collection, and it is very interesting  and creative to use human hair in her collection, which is also a sustainable natural material.

Primary Design Lens:  fashion design

Secondary Design Lens:  sustainable  fashion


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