Week 3

Underground Eden



Source:Visual News

Global Issue: Environmental/Social solutions to urban space

What started as an idea on kickstart for an undergrownd park on the lower east side raised more than $155,000 and finally attracted coorporate sponsors such as Audi and cooperation with the MTA which has allowed it to proceed towards it’s manisfestation.  The proposal was to take an abandoned 1.5 acres trolley terminal that has been out of commission since 1948, and transform it into a new kind of innovative, green, public space.  Using revolutionary solar technology  that will concentrate natural sunlight form outside, and then channel it underground through fiber-optic cable, creating the necessary wavelengths to support photosynthesis while also blocking harmful UV rays.  “You can easily route a bundle of cable anywhere, in any direction and at any depth. … Once the cable is laid out, you could actually grow vegetables underground and have a separate layer in the city of underground sanctuaries.” (project engineer Edward Jacobs. Similar to and inspired by the High Line on the West side, the Low Line is a perfect example of creative repurposing of unused space and innovative thinking on how we can restructure our created environments.


Primary Design Lens: Urban Design

Secondary Design Lens: Environmental Preservation


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