Global Now / Week 4

Cyber Church…Too Far?

Cyber Church…Too Far?


Elizabeth Gordon

Section: Cope


Global Now: Abstract



Headline:  Oklahoma Church makes switch to a cyber base, reaching Christians worldwide.

Date:  November 13, 2009

Source:  CNN

Abstract: Norway native stumbles across virtual church when looking for a bible app on his iphone. Hjalti á Lava was shocked when he found a Oklahoma based, cyber church. The church services over 22 countries and has 24 hour interactions. Many have criticized the church for taking the face to face aspect out of worship. Users of the site argue that they can connect with more people and still have intimate connections through song and sermon. Some find the cyber church to be dangerously close to the real thing, raising fear that people will feel “everything they need is available there.” After Tuesdays lecture I started thinking about hackers. I had always thought of hackers as strictly bad, creating viruses. However, Keller described hackers as anyone who makes innovations through technology. Although this cyber church may not be a positive innovation, it speaks to the way in which hackers rule our society moving every social aspect of life to the online world.



Global Issue:  Hackers, Technology

Primary Design Lens:  Online Institutions

Secondary Design Lens:  Design for Change


One thought on “Cyber Church…Too Far?

  1. Although some would argue that online church is a negative thing, I would see it as a positive step toward bringing people who are interested in Christianity via the internet without physically stepping in to a church. I agree that this is another step toward the world of cyberspace, but is this a bad thing? Communication is one of the key improvements made by cyber space, without it, people like me wouldn’t have been able to get back in contact with old friends I had met in the military.

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