Global Now / Week 4

Bitcoin thieves yet to spend stolen hoard

Ji Eun Kim

Section: Cope

Global Now: Abstract

Headlines: Bitcoin thieves yet to spend stolen hoard

Date: Sep 19, 2012

Source: BBC news

Cyberthieves who stole more than $250,000 (£158,000) in digital money are still sitting on the cash.


Recently, online currency exchange had been stolen their online money and the amount is over $250,000. The haul, in what is known as bitcoins, was stolen and it hasn’t been spent. It was really surprised me that actually many people use online money and it only controlled by customers’ private keys. The robbery actually hold of private keys of many of the exchange’s customers and handing control of those money. A digital detective said they can be caught when they moved the money online but they are still not doing any actions and waiting for turning public’s eyes off. I really don’t have much knowledge of online money currency or how those money actually has been spent as valuable goods online. However the seriousness of these crime and lots of people suffered a great loss of their money is told us that protection of online private information is huge deal we have to treat of and must care about.


Global Issue:  Technology crime

Primary Design Lens: Technology


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