Global Now / Week 4

Computers thinking like humans to help small businesses

Rachal Tai

Section: Cope 

Global Now: Abstract

Headline:  Computers thinking like humans to help small businesses

Date:  9/20/2012

Source:  The Atlantic


Sight Machine, a new, collaborative micro-manufacturing facility, is currently manufacturing and perfecting a type of technology that will enable computers and robots to analyze images taken from their in-built cameras and to send out useful data to the user. The company aims to help local businesses in Michigan become more independent and financially sustainable. A demo includes a hacked Kinect that could analyze the movement of fish and send useful data to an output machine. The output machine can feed the fish more efficiently than an automated fish feeder, which only feeds fish in repeated pattern commanded by a person. This enables computers to ‘think’, through mapping behavioral patterns of the subjects. The fact the computers are able to replace labor has been known, but the fact that computers can behave and analyze a step closer to the human brain is fascinating yet disturbing. It would also cause problems such as privacy issues if unrelated information is caught on camera and then analyzed.


Global Issue:  Robots thinking like humans, invasion of privacy

Primary Design Lens:  Communication Design

Secondary Design Lens:  Design and Technology


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