Global Now / Week 4


Justin Yoon

Section: Cope


Global Now: Abstract

Headline:  Individual’s revealed privacy used as the source of her creativity.

Date:  11/15/2012

Source:  The New Yorker


Lena Dunham gained some attention few years ago, when a video of herself stripping down to a bikini and cleansing her hair in her college fountain was uploaded on youtube. The video was titled “The Fountain”, and it was watched by many viewers and also gained numerous comments which were invading her privacy. The online audience were harshly debating weather Dunham’s body is fat or not, and other physical descriptions of her look and action. The video was strictly against the school’s policy and eventually Dunham had to put the video down. The reason was obviously her own decision to protect her own privacy. However, Dunham, who is a daughter of two living artists in tribeca, New York, she made a feature film called “Tiny Furniture”, which was basically tackling and revealing her and her family’s private life in a narrative movie format. The movie describes a family living in tribecca, going around the main character Aurora(which is also played by Dunham) who came back home to live with her artist parents after college; All this were exactly the same as Dunham’s real life. She even used the controversial video of herself “The Fountain” in the movie. Dunham’s character Aurora voluntarily shows the video to her friend in the movie, referring to as some sort of an early Ono Yoko performance art thingy. This fact that Dunham who was once a victim/meriter of invasion of privacy used her own subject matter to burst on her creativity of art really is interesting. Related to this subject matter, Dunham used to keep a journal and abandoned it, and she once said “I was, like, ‘What’s the point, if no one’s reading it?’ I would leave it out on the counter, on purpose, for my parents.” Her reaction and usage of invasion of privacy is quite new and unique, which intrigues the audience more and more to look into her own creative approach to the world of art.


Global Issue:  Invasion of privacy.

Primary Design Lens:  Film

Secondary Design Lens:  Narrativ art


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