Global Now / Week 4

Hacking of smartphones in the future?


Anjana Singhwi

Section: Julianna Cope


Global Now: Abstract


Headline:  Hacking of smartphones in the future?

Date:  9/20/2012

Source:  CNN


 I recently read this article on CNN about the possible hacking of smartphones in the near future. It is true that our smartphones are replacing our personal computers very rapidly. I use my phone to transfer money, pay bills and store valuable information. The ‘bump’ app helps transfer information between two phones by a simple act of tapping. Such apps make smartphones seem advanced but you can also gauge the number of security issues it can have if a malicious virus is created by cyber crooks.

 In an article by New York University Information Technology Services written by Chris Penido, it was mentioned that Apple’s IOS allowed users to install ‘homegrown’ software. Hackers could have used this vulnerable security issue to send malicious url links and pdf files to users.

 A few solutions to the problem of smartphone hacking are :

1. Smartphone software must use better coding to create complications for the hacker. Coders might compromise on user-friendly interface for security reasons.

2. Use of anti virus softwares for smartphones

3. Periodically changing the patterns in which the phone is used.


Global Issue:  Hacking

Primary Design Lens:  Design and Technology

Secondary Design Lens:  Anti-virus phones 


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