Global Now / Week 4

i-phone application “Boyfriend tracker”

Section:Juliana Cope

Headline: i-phone application “Boyfriend tracker”

Date: 9/19/2012

Source:The Telegraph

In the article “Japan firm tones down ‘boyfriend tracker’ “ discusses the application called “kare lof” meaning “boyfriend log”. This application was made to track the user’s boyfriend or husband (or girlfriend or wife). It has been downloaded more than 2,400 times in 10 weeks. After they created this program, there were some complaints about privacy, so they created new version of the application that needed to have password among people who track each other. What they describe about this new service is “location service for lovers” which sounds like exciting and fun. But even if they released “new version” of boyfriend tracker, the “concept” of this application is still not changed. As technology develops, we really have to think about what real “privacy” is.


Global issues: Privacy

Primary Design Lens: Communication design

Secondary Design Lens: Advertisement



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