Global Now / Week 4

Is Global connectivity just positive ?

Date : 9/19/2012


section: Cope

Source: Finance& Development  International Monetary Found

I came about to read this article as I was curious to know what a Financial Newspaper had to say about the Globalization. In the article “The Global Village has arrived” by Kishore Mahbubani, Dean of the National University of Singapore’s School of Public Policy, a view on the ‘Global Village’, as our world has become now, is seen just from the perspective of Technological progress. Global interconnectivity could have been made possible just by the effort of growing technology, and for sure some positive inventions have made our life become easier and much comfortable. With skype we can talk through the internet for free from country to country, in 2020 nearly 1.6 billion people are expected to travel internationally, and thanks to the information about vaccinations the percentage of infants vaccinated against diphtheria and tetanus for example has been shrunk enormously. But what about the climate change, also caused by the number of airplanes used to travel internationally, what about the economic crisis of single countries that have an effect on  the whole world ? Kishore Mahbubani claims for a global ethic, and that every country should work on this as we now depend on each other more than ever. This is good and important I think. But would it be not also a need to think about how we can preserve the nature and our world, that because of the high technology came to the point she is now ?


Global Issue : Globalization

Primary Design Lens: How Technology affects our life

Secondary design Lens: Thinking about Global interconnectivity


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