Global Now / Week 4

Kinect our TV for children

Adam Fernandez


Section: Cope

Global Now: Abstract

Headline: Kinect helps TV shows talk to your kid

Date: 9/20/2012

Source: CNN

Abstract: With all the technological gadgets and apps that are swarming our world,  A new game/TV app will entertain and educate children by utilizing the motion sensor and voice-recognition software in Microsoft’s Kinect system for Xbox. Microsoft is working with NatGeo and Sesame Street to make TV an interactive platform. I am on the fence with this idea. I am for the new ways of educating our children but against the replacement of real interactions of people to people. Today we are dividing ourselves from real life interactions going on in the world and living out our lives through an artificial world. With most technologies, we tend to believe, “now that we possess this new technology how did we ever live without it.”


Global Issue: TV / Education

Primary Design Lens: Interactive Design

Secondary Design Lens: Communication Design



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