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Ethan Yoon: Thesis Statement

Name: Ethan Yoon

Title: Fundamentals of Seeing Through Analog and Digital Photography.

Thesis Statement: The idea and concept of traditional photography has shifted significantly in the recent days with the introduction of digital medium; thus, forcing contemporary photographers to challenge and to create a dialogue between the fundamental concepts of analog and digital photography.

Statement: With the introduction of digital medium, the photography culture has now changed so much.  With digital SLR cameras being very user friendly, the paradigm of photography has revolutionized.  The new skill, insight, and perception gap between the amateur and professional has closed exponentially to the point where the clear distinction is near non-existent.

Furthermore, the method of how photographers capture images has been modified with unconventional ways of picture taking.  For example, landscape photography used to be based on capturing a real life view or nature that a photographer would experience.  However, with the technological advancement, people now view through a different medium- computer.  But the purpose of seeing hasn’t changed.  It is not to have insight, but to just simply see whatever the subject is and look at it for what its for.

Like mentioned above, although method of seeing of seeing has changed, the purpose hasn’t.  It is the very nature and the fundamentals of photography.  Seeing is not about dealing with an object, but rather that the object is perception itself.  It also isn’t about dealing with an “image” to avoid symbolic meaning.  Finally, the purpose of seeing does not deal with a specific purpose, leaving the perception very open ended.  Thus, I am trying to take that approach and create my own subjects- abstract landscapes and spaces.


“Terms such DIY, the Maker’s Movement, and prosumer markets identify cultural zones where personally motivated individuals fabricate innovative applications that contribute to the plentitude of digital cultures. “ – Anne Balsamo P1

Like mentioned above in the statement, the pictures that the amateur photographers take with their DSLRs or even their phone cameras has now brought a new aspect to photography that anyone can create a story with images.

“as popular cultural movements, or new work practices, innovation has become the dominant zeitgeist of the early twenty-first century.” – Anne Balsamo P2

The combination of amateur photographers and Internet social media, professional photographers are finding it harder to find jobs in the photojournalism and documentary field, forcing them to find new and explore new fields.

“Innovations are not really things, but are better understood as assemblages of practices, materialities, and affordances.” – Anne Balsamo P8

The pictures or the images are not innovations, but rather what and how the photographer sees a subject.  Like mentioned above, it is the fundamental that is the essence.

“each moment of reproduction offers an opportunity to change the way in which technologies are developed, deployed, implemented, and discarded; it also offers opportunities to do something that hasn’t been done before, and to create something unique and untried.  These are the possibilities that animate the technological imagination.” – Anne Balsamo P13

The development of digital media in photography has brought a massive change in the method of working.  The marginal death of analog process seems inevitable, and yet that characteristic of the process opens up issues to be talked about.  My ultimate goal is to challenge questions and create dialogue of both of the mediums to explore the extensions of the combination.

Atmospheric exhibitions envelop their viewers, who are now as much participants as observers or viewers, in spaces of particular qualities. They have, in this sense, the capacity to create collective experience, however temporary, among their visitors. How different this is from traditional concepts of the exhibition and its ways of addressing the individual viewer. This perfect couple – object and viewer – is exactly what the atmospheric exhibition can challenge as it offers an expanded field for encountering objects and others.” – Henry Urbach P16

The essence of the challenge of the atmospheric exhibition is the fundamentals of seeing.  How a view perceives an object creates an individual experience, which becomes and plays the major role of the art object itself.  What the image of the object is not important, but rather the experience from the image is the key.


untitled_landscape_1, 2012, c-print

untitled_slide_18, 2012, c-print

untitled_slide_18_transparency, 2012, transparency slide


One thought on “Ethan Yoon: Thesis Statement

  1. Your way for creating new sight of landscape is very unique. It seems like digital color gradation to me, but also makes blur zooming view of a microscope. I think those images are very good examples for representing your thesis.

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