Global Studio / Thesis

Anjana SinghwiT…

Anjana Singhwi

Title: Communication design through the lenses of social interaction and technology.

Thesis statement: Strong concepts, that catalyze the design process, are mostly based on design structures from the past and utilize technology as a tool to create an imagined product, which, in turn is influenced by social interaction.

Statement: The idea of invention vs. innovation is the core concept of my concept development process. Researching about what already exists is my first step towards innovation. Then, based on the idea of negative feedback loops and social interaction, I create an imagined object and use technology to create something new and different that has a social impact.


 Anne Balsamo

1. Innovation emerges from historical moments within particular techno-cultural formations and how it differs from invention. (page 8)

Designers invent with the help of technology and rearrange cultural elements. But, innovating on the basis of what already exists and converting it to what can possibly be done by using technology has a strong influence on my design process.

 2. Design is influenced by social interactions.

Change in the process of thinking depends solely upon social interactions and how people talk about the piece of work. Communication design is used to communicate concepts and ideas to a target audience and social interaction is critical.

Steven Johnson

3.  Negative feedback is a way of reaching equilibrium despite changing external conditions. (page 138)

Communication design requires a fair balance between changing trends in the design world and personal aesthetic choices.

Arjun Appadurai

4. Imagination has crossed the realm of being a mere fantasy (page 31)

Imagination paired with technological innovation is no longer synonymous with fantasy as there is a possibility of doing imagined things.

Timo Risannen

5. “Make the making visible”

A strong concept driven process is a piece of work in itself, which, is worth publicizing.




Initial stage: Brainstorming


Second stage: Eliminating ideas that already existImage

Next step: Imagining 



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