Global Studio / Thesis

J.Yuen: Thesis

Name: Jessica Yuen


Provisional title: Creating a retail store


Thesis Statement: My main objective is to create a retail store that reflects materialistic consumption behavior and targets the nouveau rich in the unsustainable global economy around us today.


Statement: Materialism is extremely important in the country where I came from, China, people tent to have stronger values on status and money, this influence has a huge effect to the world economy. Rich second generation are the ones spending most of the money on luxury goods. Rich second generation are Chinese men born into rich families after the 1980s. These men tend to be eligible to inherit lots of money and assets from their parents. A high end fashion store that will also display limited super cars, taking the advantage of smart phones to sale and communicate, open space area…This store is a reflection of global issue, a good example of what the problems are around us, but it is a store that will satisfy all needs of a typical rich second generation. Fame, materialiam and pride are the main words of this store, treating customers like they do in China, having attitude like everyone deserves a glass of champagne, playing the best EDM, LED back lights for every pieces of accessories… its all about the experience, since in this capitalist society people just ignore the importance of sustainability. Economy is not about money, its about limited resources, once designers finish them all, its gone. Stores like this are starting to appear all over Asia due to the value of the young generation, doesn’t matter how much natural resources there are, soon enough they will be gone soon.





1, surveillance/ privacy – aiming for a certain target consumer means privacy become very important. ( Johnson, Emergence)


2, apple product – technology vs communication and privacy.


3, production of garment – sustainability. (timo’s lecture)


4, interior design and material use – sustainability


5, rich 2nd generation – culture and technology/ value.( Balsamo, Designing Culture)

14th and 10th aveImage

current logoImage



One thought on “J.Yuen: Thesis

  1. it is interesting topic and idea of materialism can be closely relate to america as well. it would be great to see you add the idea from Appadurai’s reading on production fetishism and fetishism of the consumer

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