Global Studio / Thesis

MNadolski Thesis


The art of communication will never expire. Designers today face challenges of  displaying information in a cutting-edge manner that sends the message of the product, brand or service being advertised. The intention of a service marketplace is to tap into the minds of the target audience and give a better understanding of what tools designers should use to attract people to their products and services.

The goals of a communication designer are to show a world of information in innovative and creative ways and to potentially influence people’s decisions. Understanding how those decisions are made brings us into the world of neuroscience.

The media-sphere surrounds and bombards us with information, but what are you actually paying attention to? A lot of information that is visually absorbed is filtered and organized within the brain. Its that information which affects the subconscious of the viewer and will later become a role in decision making.  With online advertising, privacy. and media controversy becoming largely discussed topics, we must ask ourselves: is design controlling us or are we controlling design?

In my paper I will be discussing strategic graphic design and how visual information battles statistical information effectively.


“The way we see things is affected by what we know or what we believe.”

John Berger – Ways of seeing 1

“Lesson  #4: lnnovation Manifests  the Dual Logic

of Technological Reproduction

“ A culturally attuned  technological  imagination not only grasps  the doubled-nature  of technology-as  determining  and determined, as both autonomous of, and subservient  to, human goals but also holds  this contradiction throughout the process of technology development.””

Ann Balsamo  10-11

“One of the most tantalizing hypotheses in neuroscience today is that the cellular basis of learning lies in the repetition of those circuits. As neurologist Richard Restak explains “each thought and behaviour is embedded within the circuitry of the neurons and neuronali activity accompanying or initiating an experience persists in the form of reverberating neuronal circuits which become more straongly defined with repitition. Thus habit and other forms of memory may consist of the establishment of permanent and semipermanent neuronal circuits.” ”

Emergence, Steven Johnson  133-134

“What the modern means of reproduction have done is to destory the authority of art and remove it – or reather removes its images which they reproduce from any preserve. For the first time ever, images of art have become ephermeral, ubiquitous, insubstantial, avalilable, valueless, free. They surround us in the same way as a language surrounds us. They have entered the mainstream of life over which they no longer, in themselves, have power.”

John Berger – Ways of Seeing 32

Yet very few people are aware of what has happened because the means of reproduction are used nearly all the time to promote the illusion that nothing has changed except that the masses can now appreciate art as the cultured minority once did.  …If the new language of images were used differently it would through its use confer a new kind of power.

John Berger – Ways of Seeing 33





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