Global Studio / Thesis

Rachal Tai: Thesis Statement

Name: Rachal Tai

Provisional title: The influence of social media on branding

Thesis Statement: Social media helps to develop, influence and improve the process and outcome of branding projects.


Branding an identity involves the consideration of cultural backgrounds, patterns and tastes of individuals the organization aims at as well as the delivery of messages the organization wants to tell. The existence of social media has allowed information to be shared exponentially to a much wider audience. Social media helps to develop, influence and improve the process and outcome of branding projects, and also integrates itself as a part of branding.

Social media allows branding to not be limited to our physical world but also the virtual world. The virtual world enables us to reach a larger audience exponentially (i.e. the global village) instead of the small local neighborhoods only. Social media influences the development of a brand identity by bringing in a larger group of audience with different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities.

An organization needs to be able to carry messages in accordance to its brand identity, and does not necessarily need to be everything and everywhere. Social media can act as an analytical tool to help target and focus on the creation of brand presence among a target group.

Social media allows ideas to become reality, allowing like-minded individuals from different regions and countries to unite and collaborate on creating brand identity of multinational organizations. Ideas, when believed and developed on by a group of people, can become reality through different cultural backgrounds and resources.


  • P.13, Designing Culture, Anne Balsamo

    “Technological lnnovation Offers the Possibility of Doing Things Differently”
  • P.11, Designing Culture, Anne Balsamo

    “Designing is an Important Process of Cultural Reproduction”

  • P.11, Designing Culture, Anne Balsamo

    “Designing ls as Much About Social Negotiation as lt ls About Creativity”
  • Anne Balsamo: Lecture Notes
    “Innovations are things that should be done, not only what can be done.”
  • P.31, Chapter 2, Modernity at Large, Arjun Appadurai (Week 5 Reading)

    “No longer mere fantasy, no longer simple escape, no more longer elite pastime, and no more longer mere comtemplation, the imagination has become an organized field of social practices, a form of work (in the sense of both labor and culturally organized practice) and a form of negotiation between sites of agency (individuals) and globally defined fields of possibility.”


(The design process of rebranding May Wah Vegetarian  (in studio work) has not started yet – currently completing an audit in preparation for studio work)

May Wah Vegetarian logo, Used since 2005, Used on the web and in store

May Wah Vegetarian Twitter Page



2 thoughts on “Rachal Tai: Thesis Statement

  1. It is really interesting to hear your take on branding as a communications major. It sounds like social media really influences what you do. It would be interesting to really address how fetishism of the consumer comes into play when you design? Do you consciously look to create a lifestyle to attract customer when you design?

  2. I think your thesis statement is really true and it reflects our society now. There are many possibility in social media as you said, and social media has big influence to us. I think social media can be considered as feedback so you might can think of feedback. (Since you are using twitter for your project)

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