Global Studio / Thesis

saskia hein thesis


Name: Saskia Hein



Thesis statement: The way Western society views the Eastern world – the relationship of the individual towards the consumption society – multicultural visions – are the themes of my visual language that uses a poetical way to express ideas and thoughts using color, paper and objects.


Statement: Since the Byzantine Empire the Eastern world was always in a conversation with the Western world and influenced it visually through art and culturally. The way the Western society looks at the Eastern world, the conversation between the East and the West in the aspect of its history and actual political situation is also part of my visual expression. Besides this I am interested in the more sociological relationship of the individual towards the consumption society.

What is of real value? Places of remembrances , feelings, symbols of the German Romantic and Romantic period in general are subjects of my sculptures and paintings. Utopian societies, Ideal imaginations of societies that are in conversation with each other based on their historical similarities not in conflict with each other caused of ignorance and selfish interests. I use a symbolical language to express my ideas, symbols and elements of different cultures, composed together.


Concepts:    –    “Creativity is a cultural construct- it varies from culture to culture     is the generative mainspring of creativity”

Anne Balsamo (page 11)

–              “cultural and moral behaviors are based on environmental difference”

–              skepticism and wonder towards technological innovation  (Ed Keller – Hacking the Global)

–               Global interconnectivity,   global networks as exchange places

–              the industrial world neurosis- Business and religion- everything is networked


summer 2011 /flag    tissue paper & light











spring 2011/part of a sculpture “ hybrids of desire & dreams”    paper, Plexiglas, found objects

















spring 2012 / ‘wall- refelctions’ oil on canvas




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