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Stephanie Kwan: Thesis Statement

Name: Stephanie Kwan

Provisional title: Importance of Technology and Interaction Design in Today’s Society

Thesis Statement: On terms of the growth of technology that corresponds with what envelopes the youth of our society today which we may begin to call the digital world, interaction design is being increasingly necessary in this present day.

Statement: As technology advances, our society is escalating into a world where we are heavily relying on technology. We constantly have our phones attached to us. Some even state that they feel something is missing if they are separated from this form of technology for a second. It has somehow become an extension of us when we chose to keep a phone with us in our pockets twenty-four seven. Being immersed in this digital age in our youth certainly impacts us in a powerful way. It becomes part of our norm, thus it would not really make a difference how much time we invest on it, in comparison to the past generation. Interesting enough, technology that has been created as some sort of additive to our lifestyle, paradoxically has consumed our lifestyle in which it has become a part of us.

The fact that the the deterioration of our environment is heightening as well, pushes us toward technology even further. Attempts to go green and save paper, has developed kindles, e-books, etc.

At some points, we even converse on the internet as opposed to seeing each other in person. We are able to also communicate and gain knowledge from people that we would not normally talk to in a physical sense. Utilizing this knowledge of the ever-increasing forms of digital communication, I created an idea of an app similar to Yelp, but on terms of gentrification in New York.


David Harvey (environment): “Sophisticated knowledge of nature was required in order to manipulate the natural world to human purposes, to exploit it for market exchange, even to humanize it (and sell its qualities) according to human design. But the thesis of domination never deliberately embraced the destruction and despoliation of the natural world.” (125)

Anne Balsamo (technology): “Where the term “invention” refers to a novel idea or thing, innovation implies the creation of unique arrangements that provides the basis for a reorganization of the way things will be in the future: in this sense, all innovations rearrange culture” (3).

“While the unintended consequences of new technologies are difficult to predict before they unfold, many people still seem to be surprised by the fact that technological innovations have cultural consequences” (4).

Steven Johnson (feedback): “Feedback, after all, is usually not a television thing. You need the Web to hear it wail” (146).

“A threaded discussion board turns out to be an ideal ecosystem for that peculiar species known as the crank–the ideologue obsessed with a certain issue or interpretive model, who has no qualms about interjecting his or her worldview into any discussion” (149-150).

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3 thoughts on “Stephanie Kwan: Thesis Statement

  1. I feel that your thesis statement reflects on the reality of our society, especially with our current generation. It would be nice to include Timo’s zero waste concept and link it with the development of kindles and e-readers.

  2. There was a video i saw on youtube last year that a 1 year old trying to read a book, but instead of knowing how to turn a page, she kept sliding her finger across the page thinking its an ipad. The addiction we have to our phones is getting ridiculously out of control.

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