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Thesis Statement – Justin Yoon

Justin Yoon

Title: Relations between Illustration and objects; art of emotional connectivity

Thesis Statement:  Every object a person encounters provides a certain emotional connection, which is provoked by the narrative of the personal experiences; Creating an imagery for an object as an illustrative point of view, the process and the result relates crucially to the animated value of an everyday object, which is directly activated by the encountered users.

Statement:  Process of creating an illustrative image for an existing product of daily life, or even developing an illustration that is a personal representation of aesthetics as an artists which is also easily accessible for the public is a crucial design process, as it relates to the relationship between the viewer/user and the artwork itself heavily.

Objects, such as any mundane daily life object like skateboards, cereal boxes, comic books, are all static manufactured product. However when Illustration is introduced and reached out to the public through such medium, the relationship between the viewers/users and the illustration/object itself creates its most unique sensibility of being a finished artwork and an easily accessible everyday object. The whole production level of a single illustration work, thus include a major source of cultural background, heavy study on individual level of emotional and personal experience to a larger scale of connection to the massive pop culture.

As an Illustrator, even though illustration is applied in several format as manufactured objects, creating and developing an aesthetic and narrative was most crucial point still, as it is also a personal work of art, an art piece which could be perceived as a fine art object rather than a functional use. How does one can achieve both goals in this process?


Geopolitical Aesthetics by Frederic Jameson Page 11~12:

The transformation of the object itself into a communicative medium, or even a genre of transportation of an information, where people relate to through connected experience and values-Illustration as an object became the first communicative medium of directly descripted information or certain emotional value. Inanimate objects have been given their value by its connection and encounter with users. The main concept of illustrative work has close connection to it.

Designing Culture by Anne Balsamo Page 7~8:

Technological imagination is being evolved along the collaborative value of technology and cultural concepts. Illustration is absorbing this concept as it is venturing out to highly technology related subjects.

Modernity at large by  Arjun Appadurai page 36~ 37”

The relation between the communicative value of the subject, depending on the resonance of the culture and society they were from: weather it is a political statement or a genre of communicative medium.

Exhibition as atmosphere/ Henry Urbach Page 14:

-Exhibition as an atmosphere as the arrangement and the way the atmosphere is formed around an art exhibition relates to the result and the reaction towards the art work- directly relates to illustration as objects as it involves heavy thinking of transporting an object to a certain exhibited way to the public so that for them to understood.

Page 16~17 – from individual to collective:

How the art experience transcends the individual viewing experience of an exhibition into a collective experience as it is exposed in a situation where people have to experience an artwork together? –Illustrations are commonly and most likely to be exposed to a larger scale of audience because of its characteristic of an art object becoming a reproduced manufactured object. However it still involves the value as an fine art work, which give its value the same attention as an exhibited art piece.

-sketches for my current studio projects-



3 thoughts on “Thesis Statement – Justin Yoon

  1. Justin! I love your work. I see how your process is directly influenced by the challenge to interpret your work into something that resonates to others as it does to you.
    As I was scrolling for resources on blackboard, I started reading the Radioactive pdf about Marie and Pierre Curie. The book is beautifully illustrated. I find that it not only puts a dreamy image into my mind about their lives but effects my emotional response to the reading as I am reading it (instead of being directed to look at figure A and B in the corners of the page). I hope you find inspiration from it 🙂

  2. I think that you present a very important point in your thesis of how individual personal illustration works interact with the mass public in very obvious and yet subtle ways. When we often buy everyday products like cereal, we often don’t pay much attention to the illustrations on the box. In fact, most of the users usually don’t give much thought to it. A lot of the us would often take it for granted, and yet when we start analyzing the illustrations, there are so much narrative and information that tries to interact with the buyers. I’m in belief that it is the illustration that plays the major role of selling the objects by giving a very edge for the buyers to consume it without any restraints.

  3. Hey Justin, you made a really interesting point about commodification. Designers have to work for the commercial world and mass production transforms a product to a commodity. I remember a lecture from Introduction to design studies about commodification. He mentioned that wood gets commodified when it becomes furniture , thats what I feel about design as well. Design gets commodified when it is mass produced.

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