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Innovative culture and fast fashion

Jia Seung

Innovative culture and fast fashion

World now has been changed due to the new technology. New technology made our life easier and everything has been speed up.  Our new culture of capitalism along with massive production created consumerism. Fast fashion is the best example of this consumerism. Fast fashion creates many problems include lost of craftsmanship and environmental issues.

My major is menswear fashion design and recently I am learning about the Bespoke tailoring technique and it is one of craftsmanship alive today.  Due to the fast fashion, lot of special craftsmanship is disappearing and it is important to balanced out with new technology and the craftsmanship.

New technology might have brought the accessibility at the same time; we lost the real value of clothes.

Massive production of garments create unsustainable environment. Fabric waste is created during the production. Also the cycle of consuming and throwing away of things(clothes) has been accelerated because we no longer wear clothes for long time since the massive production made the clothes cheaper and made less connected to the thing.


Zero waste garment -Timo Rissenen Lecture

Global issues and sustainability, capitalism  -Joel Tower lecture

developing new culture-Designing Culture by Anne Balsamo

representation, meaning of actual object (value)- The Geopolitical Aesthetic by Jameson




4 thoughts on “Innovative culture and fast fashion

  1. I completely agree that fast fashion leads to many problems related to environmental issues and the lost of craftsmanship. It would also be great to see you mention concepts from Arjun Appadurai’s reading (week 5 reading) on the fetishism of the consumer and its irony on authenticity which can also be linked with mass production or the copying of designs (e.g. fast fashion companies ripping off high-end designer products). As you mentioned the use of technology, it would be nice to touch on the points from Balsamo’s concept on innovation (through the use of technology) affecting the structure of the fashion industry.

  2. This is a very interesting topic and i can really relate to it. Fashion has been a family business for me, we have a factory in china, the amount of fabric waste it produces everyday is a shock to me, and imagining the amount of waste all these factories produce everyday, i just feel like the world is coming to an end. I think you can research more on how garment factory works and it might help on writing this paper.

  3. I totally agree with your idea since I’m in fashion major and struggling between producing (designing) new things and the reality of so many wastes that we are creating at the same time. The reality of the lost of craftsmanship is obviously getting worse as you mentioned, and it would be interesting if you could cooperate with your actual design work.

  4. I agree with your idea as well. The question that I have is the importance of the process of craftsmanship in the process of developing and producing a design for fashion. I think for a fashion designer, it is kind of an ironic situation to be in nowadays as the conceptual part and the practicality of the reality is fighting against each other constantly. Maybe you can bring in your conceptual ideas in a way that relates to these kind of problems?

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