Global Now / Week 6

The rise of commercialized rooftop farms in Hong Kong

Name: Rachal Tai

Section: Cope

Global Now: Abstract

Headline: The rise of commercialized rooftop farms in Hong Kong: resulted from diasporic flows and virtual communities

Date: October 3rd 2012

Source: The New York Times


The number of organic farms in Hong Kong grew from 0 to 100 in 7 years. The growing demand for local organic produce is due to the lack of confidence in the food supply in China, where Hong Kong imports 92% of its vegetables. Virtual communities such as forums actively sharing news about chemicals in Chinese produced foods and its severe health effects. This is an example of how virtual communities can directly affect the production of locality, as pointed out in Appadurai’s reading. Organic farms are built on rooftops of skyscrapers instead of existing farmlands due to the oppression from real estate developers, who are desperate to convert non-urbanized land to housing developments. Large numbers of Mainland Chinese immigrants in recent years contribute to the shortage of affordable living space. Diasporic flows affect the conventional practices of the society and force locals to look at alternative solutions.


Global Issue: Diasporic flow, Virtual Communities, Lack of city planning

Primary Design Lens: Urban Design

Secondary Design Lens: Communication Design


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