Global Now / Week 6

Another city inside the mirror

Jia Seung

Section: Cope

Global Now: Abstract

Headline:  Tomas Saraceno and His Etherial World : Cloud City at the Met

Date:  30 May 2012

Source:  Trendland


The mirror surface on this installation reflects the view around the work and creates another view of the around environment.

In the mirror, there is another world trap inside and this reminds me of confined and isolated idea of locality in Appadurai’s Modernity at large.

Tomas Saraceno started out this work Cloud City, when he “looks to the sky and sees possibilities for rethinking how we live in relation to one another—for reshaping notions about nationality and property, and revising our ideas about the fixity of the built environment and the organization of cities.”

He tried to expand the ways in which people inhabit and experience the environment.


Global Issue:  locality, representation and value

Primary Design Lens:  urban design

Secondary Design Lens:  installation art, architecture and science


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