Global Now / Week 6

Bringing Local Taste in Fashion to a Worldwide Market

Elizabeth Gordon

Section: Cope


Global Now: Abstract

Headline:  Industree’s Mother Earth craft line works with local Indian designers to create clothing lines to be sold worldwide.

Date:  Unknown

Source:  Virtue Ventures

Abstract: Mother Earth is a line of crafts developed by Industree. The company works with local Indian artists and craftsmen to develop products that appeal to a worldwide customer. Paola Antonelli spoke in the lecture of the success studios have had by working with local people in developing products such as the stove that eliminates harmful fumes. Industree provides people with jobs and also helps them to develop their design skills. The company started with furniture and home goods, but has now launched two clothing lines, which are described by the company in the link below. The first is called Puducherry, it focuses on mixing western fashion with local Indian fashions. They use textiles from India as well as local materials to dye fabrics. Antonelli also spoke of pieces, which utilized local materials to be most successful in creating humanitarian design. This fashion is connecting people in India to people all over the world, mixing two styles of clothing into one. The second line is more traditional Indian clothing looking to utilize local materials and people to spread Indian design aesthetic worldwide. Appadurai’s latest chapter focused greatly on “locality.” We have lost the value we previously put on locally made products. Now foreign objects have become a fetish. Companies such as Apple work hard to disconnect products from manufacturers. The iphone has no handmade quality; they want it to appear as though it is magically created without ever being touched by a human. Industree looks to reconnect a product with its maker. A locally made product has so much life to it, knowing that it came from a neighborhood community that used local resources gives pieces such a great story. Industree’s Mother Earth clothing line is such a great thing for the design community as it gives amateur designers the chance to heighten their skills and spread their local culture. This company is so inspiring and shows how much power design can have in changing society as addressed by Antonelli. As designers it would be so great if we could bring back value of American made products. Luxury items such as handbags are widely associated with being European. What if we could change that as designers and bring production back to the United States?


Global Issue:  Locality, neighborhood, local materials, poverty, product and manufacturing separation, humanitarian design

Primary Design Lens:  Design for Change

Secondary Design Lens:  Local Design


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