Global Now / Week 6

Digital Versus Analog

Ethan Yoon

Global Now: Abstract

Section: Cope

Headline: Digital Versus Analog

Date: 10/03/2012

Source: New York Times

Abstract: This article is about Robin Sloan, a writer that used to be known as the “media inventor.”  In the article Robin Sloan mentions about the differences and the similarities of digital books and printed books.  The article obviously touches upon the pros and cons of the digital versus print as well.  But the interesting parts that caught my attention were the ideas of the extent the social media can have such great effects locally.  Sloan also has a short video that was made in 2004 (before the Youtube era), that has been viewed more than a million times, and now people use that video as a reference.   Although this localization isn’t happening geographically, it is happening virtually, which I believe is the issue that we as futurists, should be concerned about.  The second interesting idea was about how Sloan mentions that although there are lots of different changes from prints to digital format, the most important thing is not about the outcome of the book, but rather the very fundamental- is the book fun.  This idea flows well with my thesis.  I am currently questioning the relationship between digital and analog photography by touching upon the fundamental- seeing.  What is really important is not about discerning what the subject is, but rather just accepting the subject as it is.


Global Issue: Technology

Primary Design Lens: Photography

Secondary Design Lens: Technology


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