Global Now / Week 6

New Sustainable Dinnerware in Japan

Soo Ji Lee

Global Now: Abstract

Section: Cope

Headline: Wasara Biodegradable Paper Tableware from Japan

Date: 10/03/2012

Source: Designboom



Abstract: Japanese design studio Simplicity created The Wasara tableware collection from sustainable materials, such as sugar cane fiber, bamboo and reed pulp. The pieces are biodegradable and are suitable for serving foods and beverages. The collection doesn’t only give aesthetically pleasure but also informs us Japanese eating culture and tradition through its simple design. Related to the reading, describing on locality and ethnography, which Appadurai speaks about the nature, local life, and the cultural forms through using examples of danger of spitting on the street in Singapore, and problem of public gathering in Haiti (on page 190), it seems to me that its design is specifically influenced by how Japanese hold rice bowls while they are eating since it’s inspired by Japanese culture. Its lightweight material allows them easily hold bowls (it it’s heavy, they wouldn’t use them) and also gives impact of sustainability that is considered the most important issue when designing in today’s society. The Wasara collection is locally manufactured and sold nationwide in Japan, which is associated with locality.


Global Issue: Sustainability, Local life, Cultural forms (tradition)

Primary Design Lens: Product Design, Sustainable Design

Secondary Design Lens: Contextual relations


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