Global Now / Week 6

olek: knitted anti-slavery graffiti in london

Justin Yoon

Global Now: Abstract

Section: Cope

Headline: Crocheted messages going across the streets; to the world

Date: 10/03/2012




Abstract: poland-born, brooklyn-based artist Olek, has achieved a vivid imagery on the streets of london, where she conveyed a strong message through a delicate way of processing art. She Crocheted all the types and illustration in a big scale, and eventually it was set up on the streets making it seem like a graffiti. the four panel knit graffiti piece quotes from US civil rights activist martin luther king jr. from a famous letter he composed in a birmingham, alabama jail in 1963. This message will transport to a huge population in the are, as the site is usually crowded with passengers. The Interesting approach of this project is by the fact that she not only used an existing message and transformed into an interesting design medium, which gives it fresher look. The Unique style of working and the process of creating imagery here, directly relates to How the illustration field is heading for, as we are all looking for a newer medium to condemn the older ideas and messages which are still universal.


Global Issue: Slavery, Political issues

Primary Design Lens: Crochet, Street art, illustration

Secondary Design Lens: Fine Art


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