Global Now / Week 6

Innovative fashion shoot puts model face-down on a scanner

Ji Eun Kim

Section: Cope

Global Now: Abstract

Date:  6/14/2012

Source:  Digital Life


Photographer Henry Hargreaves created a unique view of jewelry collection by non-camera used: a scanner. The result is a quiet faded, ghostly look — flat based on the glass built up unexpected mood. Because of its flattened view with blurry outlines, it create a color version of photogram. Hargreaves explained that he wanted to try something more interesting version of fashion photo shoot, and I think it was very successful trial. Because even a scanner is one of the digital forward machinery, it created an old-fashioned technique of photography. Henry may not have any intention whatsoever of creating old-fashioned look, however, I assume that it can be fascinated way for remaking out of date via today mechanical. The photo shoot effectively presents jewelries with indistinct face or body parts that framed dreamy vision of look. It would be more interesting to experiment with exposure of light or pressure on the glass from objects to create various images.


Global Issue:  Photography

Primary Design Lens:  Photography

Secondary Design Lens:  Fashion


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