Global Now / Week 6

Insomniac Events: The Decision To Not Allow LED Lights

Jessica yuen

Global Now: Abstract

Section: Cope

Headline: The Decision To Not Allow LED Lights

Date: 10/05/2012

Source: Insomniac Event

To people who are not familiar with EDM culture, EDM stands for electronic dance music, which has became huge these few years. Lights are major elements in a EDM festival. 

There are many different forms of Art in the world; poetry writing, painting, photography, dancing, singing, the list goes on! Light Shows is the art of light manipulation. Like most Art, it should not be treated as a competition, but rather a form of non-verbal communication, a way of expressing ourselves. Recently Insomniac, which holds one of the largest event of the year, EDC, has decided to ban LED lights. “the image that it creates when groups of music fans are sitting or lying on the floor gazing at the designs reflects poorly and sends a false message of what the electronic dance music scene is about.” under the pressure of government starting to concern irresponsible young adults use of drugs in a music scene. Personally i think electronic music has always been about visual as well as the sound, does taking away lights help decreasing drug use? or the decision will only kill EDM culture? the fast growing technology isnt just expanding the quality of sound, it should expand the same way with it comes to visual. Is banding lights really a good idea? all i know is EDM is not only about music anymore, many other things and people are involved, because it is where the big money comes from nowadays.

Global Issue: technology, culture, value, interactive design

Primary Design Lens: Lighting design

Secondary Design Lens: Social design



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