Global Now / Week 6

The voice of China’s worker

Section: Juliana Cope

Headline: The voice of China’s worker

Date: 10/05/2012





Leslie T Chang talks about the real voice from China’s factory worker. She spent 2 years in China to know the life of workers in the factory. What she saw in the factory was the same as what we know (or imagine). There are only one toilet for 50 people and many people share a room for bed. And their income is very low and can’t afford the product that they are making in the factory (She mentions about iphone as an example). But, do they really want to buy an iphone?  Leslie T. Chang says “Certainly, the factory conditions are really tough, and it’s nothing you or I would want to do, but, from their perspectives, where they’re coming from is much worse, and where they going is hopefully much better”. What we hear in the news must be true but there were no information of what worker think under the condition of factory.
There is an interesting story of new year’s celebration that Chang was invited by the worker who she knows well. She was given a present by the worker. She got a Coach purse by the worker as a present. Coach is American luxury leather goods brand that sells product worldwide. I think the Coach bag is very representational object to know the worker’s life. She is a 18 years old girl who likes brand bags just like us. If she were in her hometown and helping farm for family, she couldn’t buy the Coach bag by her own money.
Appadurai mentions that “we sometimes recognize that their own logic is a general logic by which Others also construct recognizable, social human, situated life-worlds”. (p183) We judge people by our lens (They can’t afford iphone even they are making it.) but what other people concern might be very different from what we imagine.



Global issues: Human rights

Primary Design Lens: Fashion

Secondary Design Lens:


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