Global Now / Week 7

Think of where the product ends up

Section: Juliana Cope

Headline: Think of where the product ends up

Date: 10/17/2012

Source:Axis magazine

As a designer, I’ve been struggling between thinking of the designer as a problem solver and as a producer of new stuff which could be “waste” in the future.
I was reading an old issue Axis magazine and I found an interesting topic. In the reading this week, the authors were mention the toaster as an example of a daily product, and write that it is cheaper to buy new products than to fix the products when they break.I think it is really true especially for home electrical appliances because people want new stuff.This is logical: these days we have new technologies to produce new and better things. Buying new stuff and throwing it out when it breaks creates a bad cycle. One way to break the cycle was described in the article in Axis magazine. A british designer team called Design Out Waste designed toasters that are easy to take apart. This way, it is easier to fix that toaster when it breaks and recycles its parts from old products.
I think what they are doing is a great example of how a designer could be a problem solver. The problem here is waste. The solution is to think of where the product ends up: in the dump.


Global issues: Wastes

Primary Design Lens: Product design

Secondary Design Lens: Sustainable design


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