Global Now / Week 7

Central Kaeru Station – Where have all these toys come from?

Ji Eun Kim

Section: Cope

Global Now: Abstract

Date: September 12, 2012

Source:  Reuters


A contemporary artist, Hiroshi Fuji, held solo exhibition in Tokyo. A mountainous pile of bright color blocks, dolls, and plastic toys are all used as a constituent elements of his installation art work. Those are from over 100,000 unwanted toys that has been collected from across Japan over the last 13 years. The result is quiet incredible and somehow messy around. I think the idea of using abandoned toys for his art work is really great and the amount of them are impressive; the inside of showroom can give us the actual image of dream land made out of toys for all generations. However, one thing that I want to say is the way of presenting the entire exhibition is bit moderate and vague to convey the idea; ‘Where have all these toys come from’. Also the article says those toys will be returned and begin to send for children who didn’t have chance to have toys before when the exhibition ends. I think before we decide how we dispose the excessive toys, we need to find right answer from the question; ‘Where have all these toys come from’.


Global Issue:  recycling design

Primary Design Lens: recycling design

Secondary Design Lens:  Installation Art


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