Global Now / Week 7

Don’t Blame the Foereigners

Spencer Kohn

School of Art and Design History and Theory

Global Issues in Design and Visuality in the 21st Century

Joel Towers Section: Juliana Cope

Global Now: Abstract

Headline: Lapses at Big Drug Factories Add to Shortages and Danger

Date: 10/18//2012

Source: The New York Times





Drug companies in the US have a big problem, regulation. These factories which supply the country with medicine have been found for poor conditions in multiple occasions. It is known throughout the industry that the factories are not sanitary.”Nearly a third of the industry’s manufacturing capacity is off line because of quality issues, according to a Congressional report.” Most people, when they hear of these incidents assume the products were made in foreign soil. They were not. 

So how do we make this better? According to McDonough and Braungart, we need to create incentive for the factories to be clean. We need to give them a reason to inspect their machines, wash their hands and not contaminate products. If all of that goes well we could eventually encourage them to use natural and non-toxic chemicals to save the drinking water. 






Global Issue: Health

Primary Design Lens: Health

Secondary Design Lens: Medicine









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