Global Now / Week 7

HK activists slam ‘zone for rich’

Global Now: Abstract

Headline: HK activists slam ‘zone for rich’

Date:  10/ 18 2012

Source: Global Times



Many people think Hong Kong is only a cosmopolitan city with its high-rise apartment blocks and busy roads; however, this is not the case.The New Territories, which lies between the Kowloon hills and the boundary with Mainland China, is an enormously diverse suburban area full of contrasts, a blend of traditional customs and modern ideas, of natural beauty and man-made achievements. The decision of the government to build luxury mansions to mainlanders, people fear that it will destroy the ecosystem as well as local farmers’ livelihoods. This will cost a big trouble not only killing the green, it will change the entire future Hong Kong culture and economy. BUT! as a person from Hong Kong, how many of us actually care? as far as i know, we are making huge amount of money just because of that, and alot of us are raised to put this first than being green. Is this really a bad thing to all of us?



Global Issue:  suburban, increasing population

Primary Design Lens:   landscape design

Secondary Design Lens:  unsustainable design


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