Global Now / Week 7

Innovative Fish

Adam Fernandez

Section: Cope


Global Now: Abstract



Headline:  Innovative Fish

Date:  10/18/2012

Source: (originally Netflix)

Abstract:  Tired of watching the same old TV shows on Netflix my wife and I decided to look at the documentary section and we came across a series of Ted talks entitled “Chew on This.” In this episode Dan Barber talks about two fish farms, one that proclaims to have a low “feed conversion ratio,” which is a measure of an animal’s efficiency in converting feed mass into increased body mass. The other is a self-sustaining fish farm that contributes to the land rather than extremely taking from it. I really enjoyed this and I am really excited to share this.



Global Issue:  Sustainability

Primary Design Lens: Agriculture

Secondary Design Lens:  Water Purification


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