Global Now / Week 7

Spirited Revival

Section: Cope

Global Now: Abstract

Headline: The design/buildLAB at Virginia Tech created An amphitheater which renovated the atmosphere of the town

Date:  10/ 16 2012




Marie and Keith Zawistowski who are professors of practice at Virginia Tech’s School of Architecture & Design, and co-founders of the school’s award-winning design/buildLAB created a amazing amphitheater in a small railtown in Virginia, by renovating an eyesore site of the town. The abandoned space was drastically reinvented as the two designers and the students from the lab tackle the space with such creativity, creating an inventive space use of an communal park. This gave the town a chance to emerge more into a better situation as the town was facing dead atmosphere. 



Global Issue:  abandoned space

Primary Design Lens:  Architecture, landscape design

Secondary Design Lens:  industrial desgin


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