Global Now / Week 7

The Dialogue Between Space, Image and Object

Global Issues in Design and Visuality in the 21st Century

Ethan Yoon
Section: Cope
Global Now: Abstract
Headline: The Dialogue Between Space, Image and Object
Date: 10/18/2012
Source: New York Times

Abstract: This article is about Zoe Leonard’s exhibition where she created a room size walk-in camera obscura. Through this work, I believe that she is simultaneously challenging both the traditional and contemporary ideas of photography. The work is pretty much straightforward, she is creating her own canvas (the whole room), where viewers can walk in and experience the process of image making with only light. Just like the reading, Zoe Leonard brings up the very contemporary idea of creating an atmosphere for the viewers. Instead of creating prints of images and hanging on the wall, she challenges and pushes the boundaries of the contemporary photography. These issues of creating an atmosphere and creating a dialogue between objects and space are exactly what I am trying to aim for my thesis. The ultimate goal for my thesis is to create a circular room to project my abstract landscapes to create an atmosphere that each viewers will have different experiences.


Global Issue: Scale
Primary Design Lens: Photography
Secondary Design Lens: Ways of Seeing


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