Global Now / Week 7

Transforming Vacant Lots into Public Green areas

Section: Juliana Cope

Date: 10/18/2012

Headline: Growing on Vacant Brooklyn Lots, Reclaiming Public Space

Source: MetroFocus THIRTEEN



Video URL:

Abstract: The city of New York owns a lot of empty spaces around different neighborhoods. In Brooklyn, New York City, a group of people gathered and started the green project that reclaims vacant lots to transform them into public community gardens, called 596 acres. This organization has found over 596 acres of unused public lands (three empty lots) existed in Brooklyn from April 2010. They have reclaimed two lots for community gardens for neighbors, one at 462 Halsey street, Bedford-Stuyvesant and the other one at 340-350 Bergen street, Boerum Hill. There is the third lot, Patchen Square at 868 Patchen Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant opened since May 2012. Similar to the lecture this week, the idea of transforming vacant lots into public green areas creates interaction between the spaces and neighbors, and offers benefits of sustainable living to public. In today’s society, sustainability is the keyword for everything, and people have started considering environment as the most important issue. Based on my researches for last project, Organic foods consumption has increased in the past few years, which reflects the fact that people actually cares what they purchase. This is probably why we bring the idea of farmer’s market or local production into the city. Like what 596 acres organization have done for the neighborhood, as a designer, we should think about community first before creating products, and also concern about what we can provide benefits to public.




Global Issue:Development of the neighborhood and the sustainable agriculture movement

Primary Design Lens: Urban Design, Urban Development

Secondary Design Lens: Sustainable Design



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