Global Now / Week 8

Eco-friendly Plans to Help Surviving Villagers of Mount Merapi Volcano Eruptions

Name: Ethan Yoon

Headline: Eco-friendly Plans to Help Surviving Villagers of Mount Merapi Volcano Eruptions

Date: 10/24/12

Source:  The Jakarta Post


First of all, I accidentally did this week’s global now last week, so I’m doing last week’s this week… Sorry!  The article is basically about World Bank Indonesia, National Disaster Mitigation Agency, and local administrations of Yogyakarta and Central Java collaborating together to design a new residential complex for the Merapi volcano eruption survivors from 2010.  This area is a rural area where there aren’t much technological or urban designs to support the lifestyle.  However, this new residential area will incorporate new technology and Eco-friendly designs to help with waste managements, sanitation, to forestation.  Furthermore, the designers are also introducing a program for the reluctant residents that educate them on disaster managements.  I think this article has a lot to relate with Cradle to Cradle, in the sense that new technological designs are incorporating rural landscapes to revive life in that area.  Although this urban design is not an innovation, it is significant that the design is taking the area into context to create a sustainable life for the current villagers.


Global Issue: Design for Sustenance

Primary Design Lens: Sustainable Design

Secondary Design Lens:  Architectural Innovation


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