Global Now / Week 8

A glimpse of Kusama’s world

Name: Rachal Tai

Section: Cope

Headline: Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Fireflies On The Water’ At The Whitney

Date: 10/24/12

Source:  Huffington Post


Through the Fireflies on the Water exhibition, Yayoi Kusama reveals her world to us.  Her past works already reveal her love and obsession with polka dots, but the exhibition provides intimacy and lets the viewers be participants of Kusama’s hallucinations and dreams.  The exhibition is a small room consisting 150 miniscule lights suspended over a small pool. There are mirrors on all sides creating endless reflections of the room, which creates a seamless space of omnipresent polka dots and shadows of the viewer. The exhibition allows the viewer to be engulfed by polka dots, thus making the viewer a participant of the dreams and hallucinations Kusama experiences her entire life.


Global Issue: Creating atmosphere in an exhibition

Primary Design Lens: Exhibit Design, Spatial Design

Secondary Design Lens:  Lighting Design


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