Global Now / Week 8

Archipelago cinema

Section: Juliana Cope

Headline: Archipelago cinema

Date: 10/25/2012

Source: Designboom

Abstract: Ole Scheeren who is a Beijing-based German architect designed ‘archipelago cinema’ for 2012 Architecture biennale in venice. He made geometric islands about fifteen meters and they flows on the ocean and people could enjoy watching movie on the small island. He did the same installation for the movie festival in Thailand on March 2012.. The raft was built out of recycled materials as a series of individual modules to allow for flexibility for it future use. The raft would donate to the community of yao noi as its playground and stage in the ocean. He collaborated with local community such as fisherman to create the rafts. The screen was put in the beautiful ocean and people could feel the wind, the smell, the sound and the wave of the ocean during the movie. Big pillows were provided for each people instead of chair and people could sit with it as they like. It must be a very relaxing time.  He used existing nature as part of his work and people can experience it.


Global issues: Creating atmosphere

Primary Design Lens: Architecture

Secondary Design Lens: Interactive Design


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